aging-in-place bathroom

Aging-In-Place Bathroom Design Ideas

Ready to make some proactive plans for aging-in-place bathroom design? We’re here to help.

Why should you consider a bathroom remodel for seniors? Let’s start by looking at the facts. While many might assume the kitchen to be the most dangerous room in the home, the bathroom actually tends to cause more injuries.

More than two-thirds of home injury-related ER visits originate around the shower, bathtub, or toilet. For seniors aged 65 years or more, falls have proven to be the leading cause of injury, many of which occur in slippery bathroom spaces.

In this article, we’ll explore some ways you can plan a new bathroom or bathroom remodel for aging-in-home seniors, and how Home Healthsmith (HHS) can help.


aging-in-place bathroom

5 Aging-In-Place Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Home

Here are five helpful tips to keep in mind when it comes to making design plans for a senior bathroom:

Bathroom Location and Placement

For the sake of both convenience and accessibility, it’s best to place a full bathroom on the main level of the home, near the bedroom, kitchen, and any common areas.

If it’s physically impossible to expand a half bath on the main floor, you might consider installing a chair lift to help seniors access a full bath on an upper floor.

Allow for Room to Move

Make sure the main entry is at least 36” wide, and be sure to remove any raised sills for easier access to wheelchairs, walkers, and other assistive mobility devices. Hang the door so it opens out, not in. That way, the entrance won’t be blocked if someone should fall against it.

Also, plan to include plenty of space around the toilet, sink, shower, and/or tub. This will make these areas easier to navigate for those using assistive devices.

Include Adequate Lighting

Senior eyes can certainly benefit from having more light in the bathroom, but it needs to be the right kind of light. Glare can be a problem for aging eyes, so it’s better to include a proper combination of ambient light and task-specific lighting. For example, placing side lighting on the mirrors is preferred compared to a bright overhead light. Make sure to include a night light for any late-night bathroom trips, as well.

Easily-Accessible Storage

Keeping essential things handy is especially important for seniors, so you’ll want to plan for easy-access storage. Open shelving and glass-front doors for cabinets are smart options.

Placing cabinets closer to the floor is also advisable for those who use wheelchairs as primary mobility devices.

Think Non-Slip for the Floors

Standing water is an accident waiting to happen for seniors trying to navigate smooth floors. You can elect to add a slip-resistant coating to showers, tubs, or even the entire bathroom floor itself.

At the very least, plan to use rubber-backed, non-slip mats around the sink, bathtub, and shower areas.

5 Senior Bathroom Products HHS Provides and Installs

Here are some senior-specific bathroom solutions that Home Healthsmith is happy to provide and install. Take a look here to learn more:

1. Hold Bars

A hold bar is a fixed mount that seniors can reach out and grab whenever they need some extra stability support in the bathroom. These can be mounted on any hard surface, and the presence of wall studs isn’t required. We offer premium decorative options and Pressalit fold-down grab bars, as well.

2. Shower Seats and Chairs

Waterproof shower seats and chairs provide valuable assistance for seniors in shower and tub areas, and HHS offers several great solutions in terms of both standalone and wall-mounted seats.

3. Toilet Seats, Chairs, and Risers

Toilet seats, chairs, and risers make it much easier for seniors with mobility challenges to be able to use the bathroom on their own in safety and comfort.

Home Healthsmith offers standalone toilet seats and risers with armrests, plus we can install the EZ-Access TILT Toilet Incline Lifts that will easily accommodate individuals up to 325 pounds.

4. Locking Transfer Bench

Our locking transfer benches clamp securely to the tub, making it easier for seniors to gain access to tub and shower areas.

5. Bathroom Accessories

There are lots of other bathroom accessories we can provide, including:

  • Handheld shower wands with holders
  • Bathtub bars
  • Bath boards
  • Bath lifts


aging-in-place bathroom

Let Home Healthsmith Assist with Your Aging-In-Place Bathroom Design

At Home Healthsmith, we believe seniors should be able to age safely in the comfort of their own homes. To that end, a well-planned, senior-friendly bathroom can help make all the difference when it comes to meeting accessibility needs and enabling seniors to live fuller lives.

Ready to get started? Let us help you make the best senior bathroom plan for your unique situation. Plus, you can trust our proven installation process.

If you’re in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Connecticut, get in touch today to schedule your free consultation!