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7 Aging-In-Place Products for Your Home

Getting older may be a part of life, but leaving your home is not always necessary. Rather than downsizing or moving into an assisted living community, consider a few changes you could make to your home now, that will allow you to stay longer. With a few updates, you may be able to continue to live where you love to be, even as physical activities become a bit more challenging.

The following are some of the best aging-in-place products designed to make it possible for you to get around safely.
aging in place products




7 Aging-in-Place Products to Consider

The following aging-in-place products may alleviate some of the risks people have as they age or see a reduction in their overall mobility.

1. Residential Elevators

Designed to eliminate the need for stairs, a challenge in many homes, residential elevators are a great alternative for safely moving from one level to the next.

Home elevators typically require a 5’ by 5’ space to install. However, there are options available for small spaces, such as Inclinator’s space-saving monorail design, which allows for a smaller-than-normal elevator cab making it ideal for homes.

2. Stairlifts

Stairlifts are another popular solution for combatting troublesome staircases. This aging-in-place product is a chair-like fixture added to a guided system that moves up and down the wall along the stairs.

To use it, all you have to do is:

  • Sit in the chair
  • Strap yourself in as a safety precaution
  • Push a button to move up or down the staircase

All stairlifts fold up to be out of the way, include a remote control for easy use, and have safety sensors that keep you from falling.

3. Wheelchair Ramps

Even a few small steps outside of your home can be challenging, especially for those in a power scooter, wheelchair, or using a cane or walker. For this problem, a wheelchair ramp is an ideal solution.

Wheelchair ramps create a soft angle, allowing users to avoid the step altogether. They also have handrails for added stability and can be customized to fit your stairs, allowing for a comfortable gradual incline.

4. Vertical Platform Lifts

A vertical platform lift may be the best option for those needing more advanced solutions.

These allow for easy movement up a set of steps or from one level of the home to another without the burden of transferring out of your power chair, scooter, or wheelchair. The most modern options are highly dependable and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

5. Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling lifts are a strong, durable solution for those who are bedbound or otherwise unable to easily move from a chair into or out of bed. These are designed to move a person from one position to the next in a sling-like device.

Ceiling lifts smoothly, and reliably move along a track in the ceiling. They are operated with a simple remote control, empowering individuals to safely transfer without the risk of tumbling or straining.

6. Grab Bars

Grab bars can be installed throughout the home and are positioned at key locations where you may need a bit more stability.

  • Along the walls in a bathroom near the toilet or bathtub
  • Along the sides of a small set of steps
  • In the kitchen where you need to pull yourself up

They are strong, durable, and fasten directly into the wall studs in most cases, though versions exist that do not require precise placement.

7. Couch Canes and Bed Rails

Additional solutions exist for other spaces in the home to help you maneuver safely, even with aching knees or weak muscles.

A couch cane, for example, is a handle that makes it easier for you to push yourself up from a sitting position. It blends right into the furniture in your home but gives you a sturdy surface to push upward on.

  • Bed rails work similarly. They allow you to:
  • Pull and push yourself into comfortable positions around the bed
  • Have the extra boost you need to get in and out of bed
  • Feel safe from the possibility of tumbling out of bed

aging in place products





Searching for Aging in Place Products for Your Home?

With these aging-in-place products, you have the option to age safely in your home and navigate your day in confidence.

If you’re located in Rhode Island, Connecticut, or Massachusetts and decide one of these products is the right choice for you, reach out to our team at Home Healthsmith. We will work with you every step of the way from choosing the right plan, to installation, and ongoing support.

Our assessments are free and can help you determine which aging-in-place products are right for your home. So don’t hesitate, contact us today to learn how Home Healthsmith makes aging in your home easy.