4 Outdoor Accessibility Products for Your Home

Many seniors face several physical issues when it comes to outdoor spaces. Even a short excursion outside of the home can require a great deal of personal effort and energy.  However, there are a few things that can help bring the outdoors closer for seniors, one of the best is investing in outdoor accessibility equipment. […]

Home Stairlifts: Products and Installation

For many people, stairs can become a challenge, especially as stability and balance start to decline. However, home stairlifts can be an excellent solution as they help you get some of your mobility and freedom back.   If you are concerned about using the stairs in or outside of your home, use the information below to […]

Aging-In-Place Remodeling Tips

Aging in place is much more appealing for many people compared to moving into a care facility. Maintaining independence and self-esteem, staying connected to the community, and affordability are just three important ways that seniors benefit from remaining in their own homes.  However, they may need to make adjustments to their home and lifestyle to […]

Stairlifts for Home: The Complete Guide

A stairlift can give you safe and reliable access to your entire home, restoring mobility and independence. 

7 Aging-In-Place Products for Your Home

With a few updates, you may be able to continue to live where you love to be, even as physical activities become a bit more challenging. The following are some of the best aging-in-place products designed to make it possible for you to get around safely.

Kitchen Modifications For The Elderly That Prevent Injuries

Kitchen Re-Design For Safety Regardless of age, people love to cook. A survey done by ReportLinker found that regardless of age, 98% of Americans prefer to prepare their meals by cooking at home. In many cases, cooking only gets better with age—there’s a reason your grandmother’s cookies are the best you’ve ever had. With that being said, […]

Rent Or Buy? Discover Which Home Accessibility Option Works Best

No one expects to find themselves limited in their mobility. One of the most frustrating moments of recovery from an injury may be realizing that you can no longer navigate your home. What do you do when you know you’ll be in a wheelchair for months or for the rest of your life? How do […]

Outdoor Stairlifts – For Porches, Front Doors Or Decks

When your mobility is compromised, don’t let multi-level living keep you from enjoying your home’s outside spaces. With an outdoor stairlift, you can navigate your property’s ups and downs. Whether entering the home, garage, a deck, or patio, you’ll be able to reach new heights. That’s why at Home Healthsmith, we install outdoor stairlifts for elderly […]

Bathroom Safety Products for Seniors and the Disabled Help Prevent Injuries and Falls

Bathing should always be one of the more simpler activities of the day, but our company recognizes that for many people, like the elderly or disabled, it isn’t so simple. Aging in Place is Preferred According to American Psychological Association’s review of a 2016 Pew report, more than 12 million people ages 65 and older live […]

Home Accessibility Options For The Elderly And Disabled

There should never be a point in life where getting around your own home is a struggle. This can be particularly daunting when stairs are involved. When it comes to getting older, you’ll want every part of your house to be accessible under any circumstance. Home Healthsmith understands this very basic need, and offers a […]