Aging-In-Place Bathroom Design Ideas

Ready to make some proactive plans for aging-in-place bathroom design? We’re here to help. Why should you consider a bathroom remodel for seniors? Let’s start by looking at the facts. While many might assume the kitchen to be the most dangerous room in the home, the bathroom actually tends to cause more injuries. More than […]

Debug Mobility Products Distributor In RI – MA – CT

All Terrain And Submersible Wheelchairs Home Healthsmith is now a distributor of Debug Mobility Products, a leader in innovative solutions for giving elderly and disabled persons more options to get outside and enjoy life, especially for visiting our beautiful New England beaches. Debug Beach Wheelchair De-Bug Mobility Products manufactures the best value and design for all […]

The 2-in-1 Rollator: The Future Of Mobility For The Elderly

The 2-in-1 Rollator from Home Healthsmith offers easy and portable mobility for anyone seeking an easy way to accomplish their goals. In many cases, free mobility is taken for granted, until the day it isn’t so free anymore. Life can present us with difficult situations that can hinder our movement, and as we get older, […]