outdoor accessibility products

4 Outdoor Accessibility Products for Your Home

Many seniors face several physical issues when it comes to outdoor spaces. Even a short excursion outside of the home can require a great deal of personal effort and energy. 

However, there are a few things that can help bring the outdoors closer for seniors, one of the best is investing in outdoor accessibility equipment.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the beneficial outdoor products that Home Healthsmith can provide and install for aging-in-place seniors searching for greater accessibility.

outdoor accessibility products

Outdoor Accessibility Products to Help You Get In and Out of Your Home Safely

Here’s more information about four helpful ways to make exterior accessibility more practical for seniors:

1. Vertical Platform Lifts (aka Porch Lifts)

Vertical platform lifts or porch lifts are specially designed to provide greater outdoor mobility for seniors or others who rely upon wheelchairs, power chairs, or scooters to get around.  

Harmar Highlander VPLs are a great lift option for easy transitions between the indoors and outdoors. The Highlander II also works well for interior settings where an elevator would be impractical or unnecessary. The Home Healthsmith team includes factory-trained LiftSquad installers who are fully qualified to handle any VPL installation.

2. Wheelchair Ramps

If you’re looking for some good wheelchair ramp solutions, HHS has you covered. We provide and install the most versatile aluminum modular ramp system available, including custom options for ramp surface, handrail styles, and much more. 

We also offer a lifetime warranty on our aluminum ramps, and they deliver great resale value in the event you should ever need to relocate or no longer need your ramp.

Before you make a decision to install a wheelchair ramp, our team will come out for an in-home assessment to determine the best solution for you. 

3. Walker / Rollator

Walkers/rollators are personal devices to help seniors and others with mobility challenges get where they need to go more easily and comfortably. They’re designed for both indoor and outdoor use, with smooth transitions in between. 

The Escape Walker is a compact foldable walker with cable-free braking that’s available in seat heights to fit almost any user. It includes both a padded backrest and padded seat for comfort, and can be folded to fit into the trunk of any passenger vehicle.

The Escape Mini is even more lightweight and compact, while still being very user-friendly to navigate. It also features the easiest-to-apply hand brakes available on any walker.

The Rollator offers a modern, 2-in-1 Euro-style design that allows this walker to be easily converted into a wheelchair in no time. It’s light enough to maneuver with little effort and features a curb assistance add-on to make mounting curbs and doorsteps even easier. 

If you have questions about walkers/rollators, or are ready to find your perfect portable mobility aid, just get in touch with us at Home Healthsmith.

4. Stairlifts

Don’t let limited mobility on your outdoor stairs prevent you from living life on your terms. Home Healthsmith offers many helpful stairlift solutions to help improve your mobility. The stairlift products we provide and install include features like:

  • A powered swivel seat
  • Integrated sensor plates detect obstructions and stop the lift
  • Battery backup in the event that you ever suffer a power outage

Most stairlifts come with two remote controls, a seat belt, safety sensors, and an easily accessible key switch to prevent any unauthorized access. 

In addition to your many indoor stairlift models, we also offer outdoor stairlifts that are specially designed to meet your outdoor accessibility needs. Harmar Helix Curved Stairlifts are manufactured for navigating even steep stairs with a gradient of up to 75° and are as unique as their owner. The Helix has a narrow profile, mounting closer to the wall, hugging the stairway with tighter bends and flowing radius curves, allowing for one continuous uninterrupted rise. The ride is ultra smooth, stable-and whisper quiet. With its slimmer sleeker design, ergonomic seating and premium upholstery, you’ll get the comfort you expect. All Harmar Lifts are made in the USA, which means quality you can depend on. They’re fully waterproof and come with UV-protected upholstery.

Built to last with style: 

  • True-Curve System 
  • Stylish, blends with decor
  • Custom built for durability
  • Smooth quiet ride
  • Fast production lead times from the factory to your home

outdoor accessibility products

Safely Navigate the Exterior of Your Home with Outdoor Accessibility Products

At Home Healthsmith, we believe seniors should be able to age safely in the comfort of their own homes, with easy outdoor accessibility options as well. To that end, we’re here to help make that happen for you and your loved ones!

Ready to get started? Let us help you make the best outdoor accessibility plan for your unique situation. You can trust our proven installation process for every product we provide, as well. 

If you’re located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Connecticut, get in touch to schedule your free Home Healthsmith consultation today!