grab bars for seniors

Grab Bars for Seniors: What You Need to Know

Bathroom falls are known to be common across all age groups. Grab bars for seniors are particularly recommended since adults aged 65 and above are most likely to suffer fall-related injuries. 

To help prevent bathroom injuries, some government officials are even considering policies that would require bathroom grab bar installation in the home. In a recent Canadian national survey about consumer perspectives on grab bars, nearly 86% of respondents said they would use a grab bar if it were installed in their bathroom.

Grab bars placed around the shower or bathtub can help prevent fall-related injuries for seniors, folks with disabilities, and caregivers as well. 

In this article, we’ll tell you some of the important things you need to know about grab bars and highlight how Home Healthsmith can help with our line of grab bar products and expert installation services.

grab bars for seniors

Where Grab Bars for Seniors Can Be Useful

A grab bar is exactly what it sounds like; It’s an added fixture that gives seniors something to grab and hold onto to maintain better balance when entering or exiting a tub, shower, toilet, or any other feature in your bathroom. 

Grab bars can easily be mounted by the Home Healthsmith team on any wall surface you choose. Wherever extra stability is needed, just know that there’s a grab bar solution for that.

Selecting the Right Angle for Your Grab Bars

Grab bars can essentially be placed wherever you need them. In addition, grab bars can be strategically mounted horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. 

  • Horizontal grab bars work well alongside toilets, as well as on the longer back wall or a tub or shower. 
  • Vertical grab bars are helpful along the outside edges of shower or tub spaces, as well as across from a toilet for added balance and support. 
  • Diagonal grab bars offer the best of both worlds in terms of providing stability in the shower, alongside a toilet, or in any other bathroom location where you need a little extra support.

If you’re not sure which placement is right for you, our team at Home Healthsmith can help you strategically place them for the best results. 

Why Work with Home Healthsmith for Grab Bar Installation?

For starters, we utilize a patented grab bar fastening system where no wall studs are required. If you’re concerned about figuring out the best way to mount a grab bar exactly where you need it, rest assured that Home Healthsmith can make it happen for you! 

We offer premium decorative grab bars too, and all of our grab bar products are engineered to exceed all minimum building codes and ADA guidelines. 

Additionally, each grab bar also comes with threaded cast stainless steel flanges and covers.

Pressalit Grab Bars

The Pressalit Product PLUS fold-down grab bar in particular is a wonderful solution that’s both vertically and horizontally adjustable.

  • It can be folded flush against the wall to provide more available space when not in use.
  • The underside is intentionally shaped to accommodate the mounting of various accessories. 
  • The oval shape provides an easy and comfortable surface for the user to be able to lean and push against. 
  • The end of the support arm is enlarged so that it’s easier for the user to be able to pull forward from a sitting position. This design advantage also provides the user with a clear sense of how far the support arm extends and where it ends.
  • The attached soft and slip-resistant material offers a warm feel to the touch.
  • The Pressalit Product PLUS grab bar isn’t just fully foldable, it’s also detachable.
  • Also includes an anthracite cover plate for the vertical wall track.

We Specialize in Installing Grab Bars for Seniors

grab bars for seniors

Having a grab bar or similar stability product installed can be the difference between a scary injury, and being able to remain safe and happy in your home as you age gracefully. Some have even referred to grab bars as the new seat belt, making home life for seniors substantially easier and safer.

To that end, Home Healthsmith is pleased to offer our SafeHome Install process to take care of all your grab bar and other senior home safety needs. We pay attention to every detail, and we work hard to help create the safest, most convenient environment possible for our customers. 

The Home Healthsmith team also provides demonstration and training on every product we install and ensures your property is as good or better than we found it when we first arrived. To learn more about our proven installation process, just click here. 

If you’re located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Connecticut, we invite you to get in touch with us today to schedule your free, in-home senior mobility and safety assessment with Home Healthsmith. 

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