Bathroom Remodel for Seniors: 5 Products You Need

While the kitchen can certainly pose some risks, the bathroom is generally considered to be the most injury-prone room in the home. Over two-thirds of all home injuries that result in emergency room visits occur around the bathtub, shower, or toilet. 

Falls are also the leading cause of injury among adults aged 65 and over, and bathrooms can be particularly tricky places to navigate for seniors with mobility issues. If you or a loved one is having some trouble getting around the house, a bathroom remodel for seniors makes good sense. Fall-related injuries may be common, but the fact of the matter is that most are also preventable, thanks to modern bathroom safety solutions. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at products in five special categories that promote increased independence, safety, and comfort in the bathroom area. And here’s some more good news – Home Healthsmith not only provides all of these items but also offers expert installation services for each!

Bathroom Remodel for Seniors




5 Must-Haves for a Bathroom Remodel for Seniors

Which products are considered essential for a senior bathroom remodel? 

Here are five categories of bathroom assistive devices and safety products that should be on anyone’s priority list.

1. Grab Bars

Exactly what it sounds like, a grab bar gives you something to reach out and hold onto in order to maintain better balance. These can be mounted on shower walls, around the toilet, or anyplace else you deem necessary. 

At Home Healthsmith, we utilize a patented grab bar fastening system where no wall studs are required. We also offer both premium decorative grab bars and Pressalit fold-down grab bars that are vertically and horizontally adjustable.

2. Shower Seats and Chairs

Waterproof shower seats and chairs are helpful for bathing when mobility or standing balance issues are a concern. Standalone shower chairs with backrests (or with both backrests and armrests) are a standard, manually adjustable option that can be placed wherever you like in the shower, with no hard mounts. 

If you’d prefer to have a shower seat mounted to the wall, Home Healthsmith also installs a Pressalit shower seat that’s manually adjustable, and powered Pressalit seats that can easily be adjusted for height with the simple press of a button. The seat and armrests can be folded up when not in use to maximize available shower space.

3. Toilet Seats, Chairs, and Risers

Toilet seats, chairs, and risers make it easier for folks with mobility issues to go to the bathroom in comfort and safety. While a grab bar is certainly helpful, a raised toilet seat can do more to help prevent falls for older adults who may have difficulty getting up and down from a toilet. 

Home Healthsmith offers standalone toilet seats with armrests that can be placed anywhere you choose, as well as risers with armrests that can be placed over any standard toilet. We also install EZ-Access TILT Toilet Incline Lifts that make it easier for folks to sit down and stand up more smoothly and comfortably when accessing the toilet. These powered incline lifts are designed to accommodate individuals weighing up to 325 pounds.

4. Locking Transfer Bench

Whereas a shower seat helps folks with mobility issues to be able to use a shower stall, a transfer bench provides easier access to tub areas in particular. TubTight is a dry-floor, locking transfer bench that clamps securely to the tub, eliminating any chance of the bench tipping or sliding away whenever being approached. The bench comes fully assembled and ready to use, with no tools required. The seat surface is also easily adjustable for height.

5. Bathroom Accessories

Here are a few more helpful bathroom accessories that are worth considering as well, starting with a detachable handheld shower head with a shower head holder. A detachable shower head makes bathing much easier and safer for adults with mobility issues, especially when paired with a shower seat or shower chair. There are shower head replacements you can purchase yourself, or Home Healthsmith can install a separate handheld shower wand and holder for you. We also provide and install:

  • Rotating bathtub bars
  • Bathboards
  • Bath lifts

And since the bathtub and bathroom floors can still be slippery places, we always recommend adding a slip-free mat in your shower or bathtub. Make sure the mats in front of your tub and sink use anti-slip rubber on the bottom, too.

Bathroom Remodel for Seniors




Thinking of a Bathroom Remodel for Seniors?

At Home Healthsmith, we believe that you should have the option to age safely in your own home, and a well-planned bathroom remodel can help to meet accessibility needs and enable seniors to live fuller lives.

Ready to get started? We can help you make the best bathroom remodel plan for your unique situation, and you can trust our proven installation process, too.

If you’re in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Connecticut, get in touch to schedule your free assessment today!