Kitchen Modifications For The Elderly That Prevent Injuries

Kitchen Re-Design For Safety

Regardless of age, people love to cook. A survey done by ReportLinker found that regardless of age, 98% of Americans prefer to prepare their meals by cooking at home. In many cases, cooking only gets better with age—there’s a reason your grandmother’s cookies are the best you’ve ever had.

With that being said, the physical limitations that come with injuries or old age could begin to hinder your cooking performance. This is particularly true depending on how your kitchen is laid out. You should never have to give up what you love because of factors that seem uncontrollable. Home Healthsmith’s job is to bring some control back to uncontrollable issues that make cooking difficult, such as age and injury.

That’s why Home Healthsmith has spent years accommodating peoples’ homes to their physical needs. Those who love to cook but are concerned about their safety love hearing what our company has in store for them.

Those in wheelchairs know how tedious it is to cook given how closed-in and claustrophobic kitchens can feel. Fortunately there are many designs that can cater to wheelchair maneuverability and safety in the kitchen.

For example, roll-under counters are at elbow-level, making the cooking experience for those in wheelchairs the same as standing. Cabinets can be installed at a lower level too, making it easier to grab your ingredients and utensils than if they were closer to the ceiling.

In fact, pretty much anything that would usually be at standing level can be put at sitting level. Cabinets, food and your microwave can all become easily accessible with Home Healthsmith, and you’ll never have to depend on someone else to help you cook.

We can also add an anti-scald device to sinks to prevent potential burns. As with all in-home experiences, Home Healthsmith is devoted to making your cooking experience easier and maintainable, regardless of your concerns.

Reach out today and let us help you find the options you need to maintain you your loved one’s prowess in the kitchen. We specialize in home safety modifications for the elderly and disabled in RI, MA & CT.

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