Adjustable Shower Seats & Grab Bars

Home Healthsmith is pleased to now offer the Pressalit line of ergonomically designed electrically powered or manually adjustable shower seats, which feature wall tracking that hides wiring and bolts. Pressalit fold down grab bars are vertically and horizontally adjustable, while also being detachable and foldable for real space saving.

Pressalit Care offers flexible bathroom safety products for hotels, schools, residential, public buildings, and the healthcare marketplace, including hospitals, long term care, rehab facilities, and  group homes. Pressalit Care’s products are designed to create a flexible –  safe workplace or home environment for the end user and care giver. Pressalit bathroom safety solutions feature lateral and horizontal adjustability via wall-mounted tracks.  This allows quick and easy repositioning of bathroom safety equipment without use of tools or special skills.   Easy X-Y adjustability of these components means a hospital, nursing home, school, rehab facility, or group home can instantly adjust the height and location of support arms, changing tables, shower chairs, and related equipment to accommodate people in wheelchairs or physically challenged individuals who have specific height requirement needs.

PLUS shower seat with aperture, electrically height adjustable

  • Powered PLUS shower seat 450 with aperture, with back and armrests. Electrically height adjustable by 19.7″, the armrests are independently height adjustable. The seat and the armrests are foldable.
  • Powered raising or lowering at the push of a button – the seat can easily be adjusted upwards or downwards to a good working height for the caregiver while the user sits on it.
  • The seat, backrest and armrests can be adjusted simultaneously thanks to a safe and easy click system. The armrests can also be adjusted independently of the seat and backrest.
  • The seat and armrests can fold up when not in use or to maximize floor space.
  • Wired hand control comes with brackets for mounting on the wall.

PLUS shower seat – manually adjustable wall mount

The difference between the 310 seat and the 450 is the 450 is a motorized seat. The 310 is also a smaller seat.

Wall track required for the seat along with the grab bar. Height adjustable support arms with wall track.

Product PLUS fold down grab bar, vertical and horizontal adjustable

  • Folds against the wall.
  • The underside is shaped for the mounting of various accessories.
  • The oval shape gives an easy and comfortable surface to lean and push against.
  • The end of the support arm is enlarged so that it is easier to pull forward from a sitting position and also provides a clear sense of where the support arm ends.
  • Soft and slip-resistant material that has a warm feel.
  • Detachable and foldable.
  • Anthracite cover plate for vertical wall track.

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