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We understand that buying a stairlift or wheelchair ramp isn’t always the most feasible choice for you…

  • Sometimes the need for a stairlift is a temporary one. Disabilities brought on by surgery or other medical treatments that may be resolved by therapy, or once treatment is discontinued, are actually quite common. In situations such as this, you may have the need for a stairlift or ramp, but do not want to invest in buying a permanent solution for your home.
  • Home Healthsmith offers an alternative to purchasing a stairlift or wheelchair ramp for customers who find themselves in such a situation in RI, MA and CT. Renting a stairlift or ramp is a viable option for a short period of time. Our rental program is designed to address short-term needs at a reasonable cost in order to give you a safe, functional home that delivers mobility and confidence while recovering from a temporary situation.
  • Our company offers a three (3) month minimum for stairlift, wheelchair ramp rentals and ceiling lifts.
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