Locking Transfer Bench

TubTight, the dry-floor, locking transfer bench. Able to fully close the shower curtain, reducing the chance of a slip and fall incident.  Safe for bariatric use, certified for 600 pounds.  The clamp secures the bench to the tub, eliminating the chance for the bench to tip or slide away when being approached.

The bench is fully assembled ready to use, no tools required. TubTight can be used on tubs with sidewall heights measured from the bathroom floor to the top of the sidewall, a minimum of 7 inches and a maximum of 17 inches. The width at the top of the sidewall must be a minimum of 3 inches and a maximum of 7 inches in order for the clamp to work properly.

Dimensions for the seat surface 16 X 17 1/2 inches the height of the bench is adjustable minimum 18 maximum 22 inches, for overall height add 13 inches when the back is installed.

For more information, please visit www.tubtight.com.