Stairsteady on stairway wall
Chest level Stairsteady
hip level Stairsteady

Take A Step Towards Independence With StairSteady

The StairSteady is a high quality fixed handrail and a sliding supporting handle that moves freely when pushed but locks in place when weight is applied. It acts as firm support for either climbing or coming down the stairs.

The handle is sturdy and secure and lets you have both hands in front of you as you climb or descend the stairs at your own pace. Once you reach the top or bottom the handle folds neatly away letting you stay independent without having to compromise on appearance.

The StairSteady allows you to keep active and feel a sense of wellbeing by remaining independent.

Compared to electric devices for ascending and descending staircases, the StairSteady offers the perfect low cost solution to an ever aging population.

See How Easy It Is To Use The StairSteady In Your Home