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PLUS shower seat - 450

PLUS shower seat with aperture, electrically height adjustable

  • Powered PLUS shower seat 450 with aperture, with back and armrests. Electrically height adjustable by 19.7″, the armrests are independently height adjustable. The seat and the armrests are foldable.
  • Powered raising or lowering at the push of a button – the seat can easily be adjusted upwards or downwards to a good working height for the caregiver while the user sits on it.
  • The seat, backrest and armrests can be adjusted simultaneously thanks to a safe and easy click system. The armrests can also be adjusted independently of the seat and backrest.
  • The seat and armrests can fold up when not in use or to maximize floor space.
  • Wired hand control comes with brackets for mounting on the wall.
PLUS shower seat - 310

PLUS shower seat – manually adjustable wall mount

The difference between the 310 seat and the 450 is the 450 is a motorized seat. The 310 is also a smaller seat.

PLUS wall track – horizontal mounting – cover plate hides bolts and wires


Wall track required for the seat along with the grab bar. Height adjustable support arms with wall track.