A Letter from Linda & Bill

We want to thank you for contacting Home Healthsmith™. We could tell you WHAT we do, which is to deliver freedom, mobility and confidence to our customers, or HOW we do it, which is by offering unique and innovative solutions to ensure your home functions in a way that reflects your changing needs and preserves your independence, but we feel the most important aspect of what we do for you is the WHY.

Why Home Healthsmith™? It’s simple. We wanted to make a difference. We wanted to apply our experience with mobility equipment in harmony with our passion for serving the people of our community. With the hundreds of families and individuals we have met over the years installing stair-lifts, we saw an incredible need to enhance that service and include a unique home mobility program for ongoing support, education and resources.

Most importantly, we see that helping our clients achieve mobility and safety enhances their freedom and improves their sense of control while protecting their personal dignity. Home Healthsmith™ was established and thus has been sustained by uncommon passion to serve others, and we’re delighted to extend it to you!


Linda & Bill Bohmbach