Grab Bars
bathroom grab bars handrails RI MA CT - installations company in Rhode Island
  • We utilize a patented grab bar fastening system where no wall studs are required
  • Premium decorative grab bars
  • Exceeds all building codes and ADA guidelines
  • Threaded cast stainless steel flanges and covers

Product PLUS fold down grab bar, vertical and horizontal adjustable

  • Folds against the wall.
  • The underside is shaped for the mounting of various accessories.
  • The oval shape gives an easy and comfortable surface to lean and push against.
  • The end of the support arm is enlarged so that it is easier to pull forward from a sitting position and also provides a clear sense of where the support arm ends.
  • Soft and slip-resistant material that has a warm feel.
  • Detachable and foldable.
  • Anthracite cover plate for vertical wall track.